Who are we?

SAMSON’s board is comprised of musicians, artists, engineers, and computer scientists. Our primary goal is to support local youth education and extra-curricular programs in the areas of Music, Arts, & STEM. We work closely with bands, musicians, artist, volunteers, and local businesses to organize events that fund our mission. Simply by attending and having a great time, you can contribute to our cause, our local economy, and the community as a whole. 


In 2013, an annual music and arts festival dubbed Samson’s SummerFest was started with the vision of our president and founder Nicholas D. Starns. For the first three years, Nick Starns planned, organized, fundraised and managed Samson’s SummerFest as an individually run charitable event. With the help of local sponsors and dedicated volunteers.

In 2016, a board of directors was formed, Bylaws were drafted, and SAMSON was established as a nonprofit organization structured to comply with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  

The SAMSON organization now offers multiple events. Highlighting the best of our local music and arts community and occasionally featuring nationally known acts.

We are solely a charitable organization, with our proceeds going to support local music, arts, & STEM education programs. We work closely with local schools and organizations to supply Offerings to programs that support our mission.

STEM, Arts, & Music Scholastic Offerings Network